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Primary subject of studies in group of Bioinformatics are Biomolecules, their sequences,  evolution, structures, architectures, interactions and complexes. We are interested about  evolutional pathways in which a function emerged and was further optimized. Specifically, we are interested in problems connected with sequence-structure-function paradigm including studies of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins. We use combinations of molecular modeling, molecular simulations, computational chemistry, bioinformatics analysis and mathematical statistics methods. We run experimental laboratory dedicated to production of designed proteins and their characterization. Our mission is to establish a robust methodological background suitable to provide solution of various structural biology and life science related problems. We also offer professional support for institutional users in analysis of protein sequences, modeling of protein structures, prediction of protein-protein interactions and standard bioinformatics analysis and tools. We participate in pan-European ESFRI project ELIXIR – the infrastructure for biological data. Our lab is responsible for running and managing the infrastructure and it is also central Node of the Czech ELIXIR.